CB-350XL Automatic plasticine packaging machine, using smart servo cutting technology, extruder machine and cutting type design on customer’s dough.

Automatic Plasticine Packaging Machine 1

a.Extruding hopper: feeding the products manually into the hopper.
b.Cover: can make heighten cover to protect worker’s safety.
c.Extruding screw: can make single screw or double screw, which depends on client’s products.
d.Shape forming: different size need different extruding mould.
e.Cutting part: cut the extruded products by set length, the cutter control with servo motor, so the cutting speed more quickly, the weight more correct.
f.Cover for cutter: can design for client’s needs, which more protect worker’s safety.
g.Vertical sealing: clamp and seal the vertical sealing.
h.Cutting and sealing: seal the end sealing and cut the bag, can make role hole or euro hole on the bags.
i.Film delivery part: let the packing film run into the bag former more smoothly.
j.Mark tracking: track the film’s color marks by a sensor and let machine cut the bag in correct position.
k.Flow machine screen: can adjust the bag size some other parameters.
l.Extruder machine screen: can adjust the product’s size and other parameters, and the cutting parameters.
m.Bag former: to form the film into a bag, can adjust to fit for different products.
n.Extruder gear box: choose 4kw, 5.5kw or 7.5kw depends on different products.

Application of Plasticine Packaging Machine:
Suitable for plasticine, play dough, oil dough, light clay, modeling clay, fondant, fruit bar ,epoxy putty ,magic clay etc.

Standard Features of Plasticine Packaging Machine:

  1. Food grade SS304 contact parts.
  2. Independent touch screens to control extruder and flow pack machine, 7” color touch screen.
  3. Suitable for different kinds of dough, clay, fondant, sugar paste or other soft material products.
  4. Can produce different product shapes.
  5. Safety guards, which with CE standard.
  6. Controlled by dual frequency conversion, the cutting length of bag is following the length setting, saving time and film.
  7. High sensitive electronic color eye tracing system. After setting, the machine is no need to adjust by hand; the cutting position is accuracy, and the seal is firm and beautiful.
  8. Machine can be turned off by press button. Fault is self-diagnosed and show clearly.
  9. Temperature is controlled by PID, intelligence independently and steadily, which is suitable for various packing materials.
  10. Machinery design and the convey system is simple and operation is more reliable which is more convenient to maintain.

Special Features of Plasticine Packaging Machine:

  1. Full automatic production line with 2 in 1 function ( extruding and flow pack machine).
  2. Reduce manual operation and avoid touching products, no pollution and deformation.
  3. Easy operation and clean.
  4. High cutting and packing speed.
  5. Accurate cutting length.
  6. Stable performance.
  7. Use different extruding type and cutting type depends on different products.
  8. 2 separate touch screens (extruder & flow pack machine) for convenient operation.
  9. Fit for different product length more smooth and cutting correct position.
  10. More quickly speed and more correct weight.

Technical Specification of Plasticine Packaging Machine:

Single knifeBag size: L (80-330)× W (50-165) × H (3-45) mm |
Speed: 50-200 bags/min
Double knifeBag size: L (80-165) × W (50-165)× H (3-45) mm |
Speed: 50-120 bags/min
Thickness of film25-70 um
Width of film≤350 mm
Dimension of film rollouter diameter ≤300 mminner diameter ≤75mm
Power requirement220V, 50HZ, 3KW
Machine sizeL 2600* W 940* H 1500
Machine Weight900KG
Optional deviceprinter, gas charging device, feeder, tidier

Technical Specifications Of Extruder Machine:

Cutting speed80-150 pcs/min
Length of plasticine40-120mm
Diameter of plasticine5-30mm
Packing weight5-50g
Power380v, 50Hz, 4KW,9.5A
Gross weight400kg